Quick Loader Slide Stop – $99.00

Designed for Schafer 8750 track and Bainbridge AllSlip mast slides, 19mm and 22mm.

• Use with trys’l or storm sail
• Spring loaded/automatic
• Easy installation and setup
• No knobs, no fittings to lose
• Durable, fixed, self-contained

Technical Specifications

10” x 1.17” x .60” ( 254mm x 29.8mm x 15.3mm)
Lightweight anodized 6061-T6 aluminum
Compatible with Schaefer #8750 track
Bainbridge Allslip Mast Slides: 19mm #A108
and 22mm #A109

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Sailmakers Thimble

Available in titanium, stainless steel, acetal and aluminum termination for fibrous rigging.
Used for stay’s, vangs, block-less purchase systems, in-haulers and more.
Optimized for today's high tensile strength synthetic yachting ropes.

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Salikmakers Thiimble

Thimbles/Lead Rings

Available in stainless steel, acetal, titanium and aluminum.
Multiple uses, including: lazy-jacks, fairleads and cascading backstays.
Line diameters:  6mm, 9mm, 10mm and 11.5mm

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Thimbles / Lead Rings

Lashing Toggle

Available in 316 Stainless Steel and 120,000lbs Titanium
Used for terminals
Use with 9mm line

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lashing Toggle


Yachtfitters' rigging crew is experienced with high performance ropes for both running and standing rigging. We are proud to be authorized dealers for Hampidjan Yachting Ropes, the number one choice amongst industry rigging professionals. 

Hampidjan Yachting Ropes

Hampidjan Yachting Ropes


Hampidjan’s DynIce and DynIce Dux ropes have frequently been used on some of the highest profile yachts in the world. 


Zylex is made from PBO fibre. The advantage is excellent thermal stability. Creep is virtually non-existent and the rope can take high loads for extended periods.


Vectex is made from Vectran filaments and impregnated with Duracoat. Vectran has high strength, excellent length stability and low stretch. 


A good all around line designed for both large and small cruising yachts.


The Prix cover series are specialized lines with composite covers to meet all needs. 


We offer full machine shop capabilities and can fabricate custom solutions for your yacht.